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If you or a loved one in Logansport, IN need living assistance then contact Comfort Keepers Home Care.

For over two decades Comfort Keepers Home Care has been helping seniors to remain independent in the comfort of their own homes. When asked, most seniors agree that their preference would be to maintain the status quo by not moving to a retirement community. Unfortunately, due to the availability of family support and the growing challenges that come with age, many seniors are forced to decide between a lower quality of life or leaving the home they have spent their life building. Comfort Keepers Home Care seeks to remove this dilemma by allowing seniors to remain in their homes while still giving them the support they need to enjoy life to the fullest.

Through our unique model of Interactive Caregiving we focus on providing holistic care to seniors that affords them the highest possible quality of life. Interactive Caregiving aims to deliver care that keeps seniors engaged physically, mentally, and emotionally and involves seniors in their own care by having them describe how they want things done. This involved approach has shown to increase the reported standard of living for clients.

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